Hey-vereyone! I am back to my website, my baby, with some ramblings to share with you all! I hope you enjoy the news I have for you, as well as a surprise that I will share at the end!

Art (Personal)

    Today, at the eighth grade breakfast, I was recognized as being one of the very best artists in the entirety of my school! This means a lot to both me and my mom because she was hoping I would get this award since the moment I started middle school.

Speaking of Middle School...(Personal)

    Only 6 more days left! This is so exciting considering it is my last year until high school! All of my friends are going to the same high school and are taking a lot of the same classes ('cept for me, computer programming and yearbook FTW!) so we're going to have a BLAST!

My Birthday! (Personal + News)

    My birthday is tomorrow and I am going to try to do something special! You should watch out because it will be available then, and POSSIBLY only then! Hopefully it will be something really cool!

New Traditions! (News)

    You may hove noticed me doing some new things in this blog entry, which I will hopefully continue regularly! I am doing titles to paragraphs and sections, and labeling the tags that apply! I am also going to start another tradition in which I end on three pictures I've drawn.

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