Taking Pictures (News)

    Yes, since that other thing didn't happen and the time seemed right I will start taking pictures of my collection, one by one and all together!  My camera is charging and my room is clean!  My goal for these pictures are to be very clear and pretty, with a nice solid white background.  I will play around with the settings until I find one that's perfect.  Remember, my photos are free to use, and I would prefer if you would credit me but it's not necessary!  I try to not get into fights like that!  I'm going to start with my vulpix collection, as usual!  The photos should be up soon!  Also, remember that I'm terrible at doing what I say I will do!  The act of declaring I'm doing something makes me less likely to do it!

Changing Collections? (News)

    As you all should know by now, I change what I am collecting constantly. These are the collections I will ALWAYS collect: Vulpix, Throh, Pikachu probably, and Starly. I am debating on changing everything else! So if the pages change a lot, I'm just deciding to/not to collect something :)

dA Group! (Personal)

    You should join my group on deviantART, #Pokemon-ATC if you make artist trading cards! I started it the other day and it doesn't have any members yet, but once I get a lot, I will start a massive exchange secret santa type thing!

Anyway, here are this post's pictures!

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