Well, I decided to redo my blog, as I'd like to be more, I dunno, active, and I think this will help. Anyway, this first entry is just to welcome back my blog I guess, and to say sorry about the lack of pictures all over the site. I am doing a massive re-taking, and would like all of the pictures to be the same size with the same background that goes with the site, so I am looking for that. On a side note, feel free to use the pictures I do have without asking, I don't mind.
        So, I just added a new collection to my page! I couldn't resist any longer, I now collect, EEVEE! He's just so cute! I guess I also collect the Eeveons, but much less, since I find Eevee cuter :3 I'm doing a trade right now to get the Eevee Tomy plush, Eep! I'm so exited!
        The last thing I'd like to say is that say that I've changed the Poll on the front page; I'd love it if you would go look! Sorry this entry has been so jumpy, I'll try to avoid that in the future! Seeya later! I'd also love it if you'd comment if you have any questions :3

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